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Rigor, Relevance & Relationships

The Rigor, Relevance and Relationships 2010 conference is coming to Cyfair in early June.  I’m really excited…. I’m excited about the technology use that will be incorporated this year.  But the learning…info….is going to be awesome!  I was looking over my notes from last year.  Just in looking at Dr. Dagget’s sessions, there was a lot of stuff, that I should have looked at a little bit more often throughout the year.  Here are some great points from my notes:

Lessons Learned:
1. The key is instruction NOT structure.
2. We must address both efficiency and effectiveness
3. You’ll never change anything until you change the culture (good pressure).
4. There are NO formulas! But there are 8 characteristics of effective schools…

8 Components of Excellence
1. Create culture
2. Build and use data to guide and reform
3. Create and support leadership teams
4. Define what expectations you want
5. Concentrate on effective instructional practices
6. Address organizational structures
7. Monitor student progress
8. Consistently review and refine the process

The most innovative schools…
1. Have focused professional development
2. Empower staff
3. Loop kids (I can’t really remember what he was talking about here)
4. Move electives to 9th grade (give students time to mature)
5. Use technology effectively
6. Have an early childhood program

8 Brain Compatible Elements (that should go on in the classroom)
1. Absence of threat – A nurturing effect – reflection
2. Meaningful content
3. Movement – to enhance learning
4. Choices
5. Adequate time
6. Immediate feedback
7. Collaboration
8. Mastery and application

During your lesson…
After your direct instruction (10-15 min.), while you’re active monitoring, if a student doesn’t seem to “get it,” you should ask, “What are you thinking?”  Then you can move from there to reteaching if it is needed.


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