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Learning On Contract Time?

Should educators take the time to learn on contract time?

If I had a nickle for everyone who believed that educators left work at 3:30 p.m……..  My dad often reminds me, as I’m driving home from another long day, that I could work the same hours in downtown Houston and earn double what I’m making as an assistant principal.  He’s probably right.  But then, it’s not about the money.  He knows that.

But I do put in my time, come home to a family, have other obligations and then crash to start it all over.  Is it OK to take 20-30 minutes of my time at school to catch up on blogs, hit some links on Twitter, read some articles or such?  We encourage Professional Learning Communities, staff development and life long learning – does that include the administrators?

I hope no one looks at me as just the “discipline guy.”  That’s part of it.  But isn’t it part of my job to be one of the instructional leaders on campus?  How can we be instructional leaders if we are not learning and taking the time to stay current?  It kind of goes back to my idea of educators as professionals.  We like to call ourselves professionals, but don’t always act the part.  Would you go to a doctor who hasn’t been reading the latest medical journals and is current on the best medical practices?  Would you want advice, encouragement, feedback from an administrator who hasn’t taken the time to stay current?

I believe that it is OK for me to take 20-30 minutes of my day to put some good ideas inside my brain.  Most of the time I’m doing that during my lunch time.  However, I think it would be more than acceptable to do it on contract time.  If you need permission….here you go….

Your official permission to learn!


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