What's on your Blackberry?

Let me start off by saying that I loved my T-Mobile Dash.  There was nothing wrong with it when I upgraded.  However, the school district wasn’t supporting Windows Mobile for their Novel email client.  As a new administrator, I was able to see emails, but I wasn’t able to respond to them.  So, I picked up a Blackberry Curve 8900.

I don’t want to fill the phone up with a lot of applications that I don’t use, so I’m careful what I install.  Here is a list of what I have at the moment  (If you’re interested…and I’m at home with 2 sick kids @ the moment).

Blackberry 8900:

Evernote – I use this a lot!  In fact, it is on my main screen.  I can write a text note, take a pic, create an audio note, or upload a file to my Evernote Internet acct.  and bring it up later.   I’ve been using the audio note to leave myself reminders and ideas as I’m moving about my day.

Google Maps – I had this on the Dash too.  However, with the 8900, I can utilize GPS.  This has saved me a couple of times!

YouVersion Bible – My Bible reading on the go.  It can search Scripture for keywords and has a daily reading plan if you want to use it.  I like that I can read the NIV on it.

Openbeak – My Twitter client.  It’s not as friendly as TweetDeck on my laptop, but it works.

Facebook – Yeah, but I don’t really like it on here.  I could delete this one with no worries.

WordPress – I haven’t used this yet.  But I have it setup if I ever want to mobile blog.  I’m sure I will use it eventually.

Pandora – Need I say anymore?

Qik – Ok, this is supposed to be a cool app.  You are “supposed” to live stream (audio & video) with your cellphone.  However, it doesn’t work.  People say that their screen always says “loading.”  However, it will save it to your account for viewing.  And, it will auto upload it to Youtube.  So, it doesn’t work for live streaming, but it will get your cell phone videos to the internet easily.

Google Mobile Apps – I have started using the reader when I’m stuck in the line at the grocery store or don’t have a book with me while I’m waiting somewhere.

One of the most helpful things that I found out about my Blackberry is to see which apps are left open and are slowing the phone down.  On the 8900, you hold the home key down for a few seconds and you will see all the apps that are open.  About 4-5 are always open.  However, you want to close all the other ones for better performance.  The home key thing only works on the 8900 from what I’m told.


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