Feeling Thin?

This isn’t an article about losing weight.  But I do want to talk about your health.

A few years ago, I was in a funk.  At the time, the way I described it was that I “felt thin.”  I surely wasn’t talking about weight.  I was talking about my well-being.  Because of all the different things I was involved in, I felt like I was giving so much that there was nothing left….or like I was running on fumes.  I was giving in the areas of my family, work, church and other places that just wore me down.  I hope I can get this across….  I wasn’t down physically, although it manifested itself as that.

I’ve done enough reading and leadership development to realize that I was putting out, but I wasn’t putting anything inside of me.  However, in the middle of my “funk” I wouldn’t have come to that understanding as easily.  When you’re exhausted, all you want to do is find every bit of time to sit and do nothing.  It was in a time of purposeful reflection that I realized that I needed to do something to stimulate myself mentally.

I have had my podcatcher (Juice) setup for a while.  I would download podcasts and stuff, but I just didn’t take the time to put them on my mp3 player.  Again, I just wanted to sit and do nothing!  But it was pretty amazing, that after a few podcasts in different areas, I started to get fresh new ideas.  I felt like my brain waves were flowing again.  I was energized and I was getting excited over the things that were coming to mind.

You need to make sure that you are “feeding” yourself or that you have a plan for personal development!  I’ve heard John Maxwell and even Zig Ziglar mention that the company that you keep is important, in one way or another.  Listening, reading and being intentional about your “development” is one way that you can keep company with some of the “great ones.”   It’s amazing what you can find out on the internet.

What am I doing?  I have a few books that I’m reading…but I’m also listening to podcasts of all types: history, spiritual, leadership, management, education and innovation.  I’m also downloading videocasts and taking the time to read certain blogs and even follow some guru’s on Twitter.


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